dream laundry on a line

laundry lois dodd

catch at dreamscape
slip it…sketch and patch
it into mind fullness

attach its shimmer
much as laundry on a line
fresh aired for use fullness

fold it…name it
for  the hell…delight of it
to be universal wise with it

this humanity of  nakedness
and tests you didn’t study for
and getting lost in castles
and skin shedding snakes
and smiles with missing teeth
and falling from Niagara

and lucid flying…stretch
lift and drift and soar
above its life dream fullness


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Lois Dodd

12 thoughts on “dream laundry on a line

  1. Like a test of the ideas we should really one day fulfill (in a pretty way, of course. I always wanted to roam a real, enormous castle! 🙂 )

      1. For me, it is sometimes a scary experience, but an adventure non the less! I am glad your castle dreamscapes are enjoyable 🙂

  2. lois dodd’s artwork certainly causes one to “lift and drift and soar” as does your poem. the synergy creates an experience more “than the sum of its parts.” on a rainy day it has lifted me. — michael

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