still being float

dream blake william



if awake is land…and sea is sleep,

and shore is tangle orient,

a borderland…like autumn

where drowsy now seams next


and dream is litter strewn

with shard shell vision pieces,

and sea grass drifting mood,

and torn thought wrack

to wash with consciousness


then…still being floats illusion,

can feel its undertow…and

its surrender riptide of oblivion


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by William Blake


10 thoughts on “still being float

  1. first glancing at the artwork, thinking it was probably by blake, seeing my guess was correct, i knew i was in for something interesting. the first couple of readings felt as if i was afloat, being carried along by both “undertow” and “riptide,” unsure of where i would end up. still not sure, but got the sense that the poem is mapping out territory as blake often seemed to do with his paintings. the “if…then” provides structure but at the same time undercuts it with sleep, dream, and illusion. i love the language, the way it both reveals and disguises.

    1. I’m fascinated with brink,Michael. Still being…a mind/word play of sorts between life and death and dream places me on the brink of those thoughts…which you mention so eloquently…of the last stanza. Smiles…it was fun to write…has to be fun. Know your comments are entirely welcome.

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