cellar door



let us think cellar door

cellar door…

is luminance in a mundane frame,
like effervescent chardonnay
in a kitchen jelly jar

cellar door…

wafts petrichor aroma
of earth mist after rain

and vellichor of old must books
stacked in a sunlit room

floats bowed sostenuto
lined from a Mozart score

and copal fus-ed trail
of a long necked lute

cellar door…

is limerence … not quite blushing love
first beating to a fussing drum

is more contained … a spray of violets
pressed in an almanac … bound to fragility


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Gerard David
“Madonna with Angels and Saints”
detail, 1509

2 thoughts on “cellar door

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I read somewhere that the cellar door wording has been around since 1903 as one of the most beautiful in the English language. It’s fun to say aloud. Smiles…

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