Magnetic Resonance


I am
centered on a level slide
and inserted into whiteness
of magnetic resonance

as around me
coolant pulses …  mimics idling
waiting simmer of a train

now breathe gently … do not move

then a ratchet thump and clank
similar to those in London
loud inside a towered clock

there are minutes into hour
of submission to the battery
charting somewhere imperfection

for I am far from Fibonacci
far from the golden sequence
in a prime da Vinci print

you may move now

I am ejected slowly
near proximity to far

enervated into softness
from brash hurley burley
and harsh noises in the air


Bonnie Marshall

Art by Greg Dunn
“Cortical Sunburst II”

10 thoughts on “Magnetic Resonance

  1. This is an amazing poem. You’ve captured the somewhat disorienting experiences of an MRI but expressed it so beautifully, people will want to sign up for one. Still, you know no one will.
    Bonnie, I hope you are well and healthy. As noted, no one signs up for an MRI just to write a poem – even a magnificent one.

    1. Smiles, Sharon. Poetry ideas arrive at the strangest times! Thinking about the experience helped to distract me, yet I worried not having a pencil and paper for notes. Getting older is not for sissies, and I know you know this.
      I’m grateful for your comments, as always, valued and wise friend.

  2. My wife described being in one of these – like a tumble dryer full of metal bars and little, but some, room for movement as it turns: I understand her fear better now; my dear Bonnie: right here, right now (10:20 GMT) I have sent the goddess Tara to look after you – she is much quieter and softer

  3. This is brilliant, you obviously have a real gift. Thanks for sharing. I have a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to look? Have a good weekend, Sam 🙂

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