to part a thought

first poem for a book …

 to part a thought

as shadows fold and fold
into a blind of unlit night,
and I within a box-ed room
do hesitate at close-ed doors
and pause to part a thought

then … here … for authenticity

I shall wear bare cover
of my nakedness … here … a gauzy gown
of no embellishment … with no design
save slight touching of a softness

and with a greysome stain
upon the hem of my intent
from earth and walking barefoot
to feel the grounding there

and then … here…for curiousity
before a puff … a candle smoke
obliterates your sight of me

I shall light a blaze of lanterns
at my windows … on my porch-ed railing,
down narrow steps and winding path
for a welcoming


Bonnie Marshall

Artist: Unknown