Metrics in the Green



there are metrics in the green
of yellowblue now cautionary
for my inner Eve

yes … I know with certainty
the Sun is blazing white
although, it is cartoon colored
for a visual effect

and I know Eve’s flow
is not forbidden for star sailors
although, it is red nuisance
in a spacecraft

yet, birthing of soft pinkness
into a silver shell … and

oh, AdamEve … if you risk generation
outside the prism of green Earth
into a whitegray, blackbeige land
with radiation … bone loss …

oh, beware these consequences
you know well their gravity

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn




4 thoughts on “Metrics in the Green

  1. i enjoyed your speculative poetry oh Bonnie you are a brave and fearless explorer where no woman has been before and all i ask is oh please let us (humanity) not mess it up a second time out there in paradise…

    1. Somewhere on this blog, I wrote “Wilderness in Women” … you might enjoy. Know I find endless strength in being a woman with no regrets about being so, ever. Lucky me. Really, no conflict. Helps that I married a confident male many years ago. I’m grateful you read and understand my poetry, John. Really. Smiles …

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