Graeae Sisters against Perseus




blind sister dread
blind sister horror, sleep
and I … alarm sister
shall watch for him
while sea-foam hiss
your senses charm
there … there … dreaming

now, sight be my turning
against his thievery … he
mighty gods empowered … he
who would steal my vision
to catch the flash of moonlight
upon his mirrored shield

and I would not open to him
access to sequestered power
of sister serpent hair
for she will petrify him
to behold the potent
in her image


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork: LMessecar
“The Graeae Sisters

9 thoughts on “Graeae Sisters against Perseus

  1. scans in a very classic form – dramatic and very strong – hope you are well and writing Bonnie.
    for some reason ‘Like’ buttons don’t work for me anymore but I can still comment.

    1. Grateful for your comment, John. This eighty year old brain is still sparking enough for another, though brief, book of poetry. I’m aiming for the spring. And, I learn from your creative spirit.

    1. Well…finally “hello,” John. I’ve been unable to write for some time now. I miss keeping up the site. Fingers crossed…I am rather superstitious…I shall pick it up again. Smiles…

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