There Comes Eventual


when her symptoms amplify
into conscious notice
of her heart’s arrhythmia,
there comes eventual
of chaired room waiting
with others symptomatic
in silent bells of worry

a public name call
to near naked isolation
in spare antiseptic space
where skinned anatomy
is postered on a wall

the white coat enters
heal me, Doctor for I am unwell
his cold hands listen at her heart
and when incision later follows
she wears its scarlet path

and when she is remorseful
comes eventual of need
for stained glass windows
and frankincense and myrrh
and a crucifix upon a wall

she slips through curtains
bless me Father, for I have sinned
and when confession follows
and she is washed in absolution
as from a basin brimmed
with Christ’s redeeming blood
she bears its consequence


Bonnie Marshall

Artist: Unknown