Seeing Bluegrass

bluegrass banjo

Bluegrass splashed on all the walls
dripped on the window panes
slipped out the doors
and painted through the air.

Pickers eased to solo turns…
of Dobro…silver luster shine
mandolin…mint and lilac, purple
fiddle…lemon yellow flashed
with lines of tangerine
banjo…copper, blood orange bright
bass…midnight blue, tobacco

A reed-voiced tenor
sewed words to melody
against the drum and pulse
of step dancing in that hall…
each stepper’s will and breath
implicit with shared need
of just tell me caller man
and I shall follow you.

Bonnie Marshall

Artist: Unknown

what matters elemental is the rain


what matters elemental is the rain
…more than even love…
for rain is prime alchemical
with earth and wind and fire;
it nourishes essential as mere
caring cannot do

what matters elemental is the music
…more than even hate…
for euphony is evil-free
it bathes us in our soul;
it lifts us into thought
it floats us into dream

what matters elemental is intent
…more than even peace…
for persist is primum mobile
to navigate our destiny…to chart
us… berth us…sail us brave across
life’s storming of our days


Bonnie Marshall

Art by Adrian Borda