Impromptu and with Ease

van Gogh Wheat-Field-in-Rain

Impromptu and with Ease

Westminster bells
partition through the air
to orient for place
a pacing in the hours

 and cockcrows wake
to first ordain the dawn
with much the surety
of rows of daffodils
unclenching in the sun

it is a gentle doing

it is not blast ordained
like thunder lightning storm
from heavy-lidded clouds
decreeing lines for rain

oh, let us dance…my love
impromptu and with ease
to relegate our days
in measured roundelay

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork: Vincent van Gogh
“Wheat Fields in Rain” 1889

In Poem Time

In Poem Time
Writing You

Excuse me…please…if I digress
and speak to you in poem time
for I mean you this moment…
singular you…like no other you
where there is no awareness
…as I sometimes feel…
when I’ve stumbled into
familiar second person you…
like some voyeur at third remove
with a fourth wall broken open
into someone else’s life…
that private letter mind
where you isn’t me
and I’m caught…worrying
about a grieving poet
and I can’t even offer
a washed handkerchief…
and I’m caught…thinking
how personal and present
unless we’ve been introduced
and not thrown together
in a chance encounter…
voiceless strings of integers
in a complex timeline world.

Bonnie Marshall