surreal by the sea



shell robert smithson

milky news pods
drip from data clouds
to clamshell i-Things
memory erased
on a waveless beach
where tongues twitter whisper
and facemask photo shards
disperse to glitter litter
across infinite sand

Bonnie Marshall

Photo: Robert Smithson

iThing, My Ariel


You nestle in my ears
to sing me wondrous songs
and orchestrate full symphonies
of kaleidoscopic notes.

Responsive to my fingertips
you anticipate my need
for instantaneous union
with out of sight dimensions
of thought and imagery.

Then…once you take me there,
you so intoxicate my mind
with vast…prodigious wonder
that.. inebriate and tranced
I grow reluctant to return
to tame sobriety.


Bonnie Marshall