Four in the Cloud

 web erte


salt air sways bunch grass
on drifted mounds where
mice browse trails on dunes
of shore domain they share
with fiddler crabs that wave
for mates and claw for chance
connections in high tides and
detritus of seaweed wrack…
where tiny plovers stride
twig legged and prod their
arrow pointed beaks for
access through sand silica
to transient nourishment…
where brown-gold spiders
on surf-drifted wood
excrete their capture space
of tensile filament… arachnid
spinners, deep brain spilled
to eight-legged dynamos of
elegant design…they link tangles
in a web-ed universe

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Erte

surreal beach


milky news pods
drip from data clouds
to clamshell i-Things
memory erased
on a waveless beach
where tongues twitter whisper
and facemask photo shards
disperse to glitter litter
across infinite sand

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Christine Alfery


music Leon Bakst

I-Thing, My Ariel

You nestle in my ears
to sing me wondrous songs
and orchestrate full symphonies
of kaleidoscopic sound.

Responsive to my fingertips
you anticipate my need
for instantaneous union
with out of sight dimensions
of thought and imagery.

Then…once you take me there,
you so intoxicate my mind
with vast…prodigious wonder
that…inebriate and tranced
I grow reluctant to return
to tame sobriety.

Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Leon Bakst


 girl with pearl earring gif

Third Remove Romance

“Sadie I ♥ u.” :)
“Owen I ♥ u 2.” :)

is expedience…a hug
second remove illusion
of emoticons and symbols
without intensity of gaze
or sincerity of smile.
Other times and places
the lovers Photoshop with apps
with healing tools and healing brushes…
magic wands… magic erasers,
and puppet warp…
for third remove illusion
centuries removed
from cavern walls in Greece
where puppet masters
threw shadows on a wall.

Bonnie Marshall

Photo: Art Arart