Charring Bell




we glance appraised
and bought us with a gaze
intended … intimate … a vow
to mingle sweat and breath

oh, we were dream inebriates
intemperate of passion hours
intoxicating days

now in more sober concert
we play a carillon of years
blent together in a chord
of belled unbroken melody

we are smoke within our whiskey
flavor linger charred bond
savoring our fine distinctions
distill tuned within our love


Bonnie Marshall
Artist: Hoitsu Sakhi

Dear Readers:  Reception of my second book of poetry, Chance and Timing, on  is quite heartening.  The old “word of mouth” and the new social media avenues seem to be working.  Should you purchase a copy, let me know so I may thank you. Even if not,  I appreciate your comments and “likes” very much.   Smiles … Bonnie


quilting stitches

log cabin life

she quilts marriage on her lap
each rocking stitch
a mantra repetition
stitched in cotton…
of salvaged patterns
from his work shirts
from her dresses,
from linen on their bed
for a softer backing

she quilts time upon her lap
log cabin squares in layers
like decades ’round a hearth
or geologic strata
surround of molten core
to accumulate…adjust
she sews whole hours
from her memory

she quilts endurance on her lap
to needle pierces…notice
through cloth to skin
that once sensed tender
tiny bleed on fingertips
now lightly callused to the touch

Art by Sandy Meyer

seeing shadows

sun shadow

I see your shadow…slant
in the morning
behind picture frames
in the front hallway
by our busted door…
then find you stuck
in envelopes…torn…
with no cards inside
beneath our dresser drawer…
think I hear you shout
to me…in afternoons
just as geese fly arrowed
toward the town…
then…near bedtime
I sweep your slippers
from underneath our bed
and wrap my toes
in emptiness

Bonnie Marshall

Art by Philip Koch