green apple harm joy

green apple man

she warned me
I’d get bellyache
from tart green apples
that cracked open to my teeth
and made me so mouth happy
I dripped juice…
and, later then
her smirk and narrow eyes
pure Schadenfreude
at me doubled over
groaning on a couch
in the living room

how could she…not,
and I fault her…not,
for I, too, think harm joy–
know the gentle sense of it…
There! I landed on her space
and sent her back to Go!
Aha…I won. She lost!

or pious contemplation of…
There but for the grace of God go I.
or…She had it coming–stupid ass.
or the killer one…I’d never say,
She’s such a sweet thing.
heartless thought…not
far away from me,  a lot like
Don’t think bluebirds.
I’ll not disown it…never could,
this bite of human nature
that still aches inside of me


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Rene Magritte

Life in a Fast Lane

sailboat-racing-marc-laytarLife in a Fast Lane

It’s taking chances
that pumps adrenaline
and quickens heartbeat…
I’m alive!

It’s a need to be seen
that inflates ego
and gathers  glances…
Look at me!

It’s prospect of failure
that builds tension
and causes  headaches…
You’ll burn out.

Yes… life in a fast lane
is gamble and hazard
and freedom and feeling
and fine.

Bonnie Marshall

Revised from August 2, 2012