my star is in Electra


she had the power to create planets


my star is in Electra…
my place in the Pleiades…in Taurus
where I’m B6174556 etcetera because
he gifted it to me…gilt framed registered
on parchment one year for my birthday

gave me a cosmos print complete
with triangulated lines centered to my
spark so I shall know where I always am
and where I’ve always been and always…
where I’ll be nailed to a hallway wall with
a painted still life and family photographs

no matter…I’m no believer…I shall cast within
the cosmos of my mind…watch dry crystal hurricanes,
hear clang of three tone chimes brake scrape like trains,
breathe deep rum raspberry gunpowder charred steak
and welding fumes in that so iced and flamed a world


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Kenneth Brauchler



11 thoughts on “my star is in Electra

  1. Bonnie, thank you for stopping by one of my posts and following… I’ve just very much enjoyed my star… wonderful stream of cosmos and a sense of the beautiful eclectic it is to be… a lovely hymn to the universe! Grateful to be following you in these laps around our sun…

  2. bonnie, this poem ignites after “nailed to a hallway wall.” hm. perhaps it wasn’t such a thoughtful gift. the last three lines spin out chunks of disparate things as if exploding. righteous anger. the graphic image of the nude with full breasts and massively muscular legs is a good fit for the poem, which i think is wonderful.

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