the taste of bees in honey

diebenkorn ocean park 82

I inherited a palimpsest
that once upon a time
was flayed and limed
into a golden parchment

now it has only cursive traces
here and there of iron gall ink,
for over time abrading pumice
has smoothed away intent
and fogged identity

a single word  uncensored
however perseveres…caprice
a tease…a hint… the quill strokes
of a perhaps wording…luve

I think its romance…
its silky cooing sound…oh
I think Burns’ sweeting poem
my luve is like a red, red rose…

I think velvet petal crimson
and aphid mildew thorn…oh
I think the taste…of bees…in honey


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Richard Diebenkorn
“Ocean Park, 82”

16 thoughts on “the taste of bees in honey

  1. i’m listening to “gymnopedie for piano #1” by erik satie as i read your poem. thanks for a wonderful experience. “iron gall ink” and “Burns’ sweeting poem” create loveliness, as disparate as they are.

  2. I do love how you have built on this mystery of the faded writing, and where your mind runs away to. So well done, as always.

  3. This is a poem I feel in my bones as I read it. It speaks to me as an artist and as a person so small in the world. To leave a mark, tiny, insignificant, but a mark nonetheless. Honey – history into golden syrup.

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