soul I tear



these days my brain
is incessant solitaire…
it flips present moment
into bits and pieces
through a shuffled time

no matter…luck of the draw…
my flimsy card slip apprehension
plays sequential consequence of now
with all time wasted…scattered to a table
where a three dimensioned plane
is littered with distraction

oh…there is no damnation…none

somewhere beyond this sphere
that pulls upon me…holds me down
spreads immensity of space
where stars collapse and recombine
in chaos of a deep design
I cannot think to think


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork by Salvador Dali

17 thoughts on “soul I tear

      1. We tell a story about God, that God is fractured into shards of light scattered all over the world, and it is up to us humans to put it back together. Literally, we must repair the world. I loved reading this one again.

  1. i admire the ambition of the poem in taking the reader from the prosaic game of solitaire to a place where “stars collapse and recombine/ in chaos of a deep design.” (wonderful lines.) and the poem realizes the ambition beautifully. i also admire the courage of a persona who faces alone our world and the violent universe.

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