Charring Bell




we glance appraised
and bought us with a gaze
intended … intimate … a vow
to mingle sweat and breath

oh, we were dream inebriates
intemperate of passion hours
intoxicating days

now in more sober concert
we play a carillon of years
blent together in a chord
of belled unbroken melody

we are smoke within our whiskey
flavor linger charred bond
savoring our fine distinctions
distill tuned within our love


Bonnie Marshall
Artist: Hoitsu Sakhi

Dear Readers:  Reception of my second book of poetry, Chance and Timing, on  is quite heartening.  The old “word of mouth” and the new social media avenues seem to be working.  Should you purchase a copy, let me know so I may thank you. Even if not,  I appreciate your comments and “likes” very much.   Smiles … Bonnie


11 thoughts on “Charring Bell

  1. Flavoured indeed, I like the third verse in particular.

    now in more sober concert
    we play a carillon of years
    blent together in a chord
    of belled unbroken melody

    Smooth and lovely to imbibe.

    – Esme nodding upon the Cloud

  2. This is so beautiful, Bonnie, that I have read it aloud several times. I love the hint of nostalgia and the memories of the past passion that has been transformed into something more rich and complex in the present. I have reached an age at which life has indeed become “a more somber concert.”

  3. I’ve been away! And now catching up with you… this last line Bonnie…”distill tuned within our love” is intoxicating…. Bravo on your new book. I’m off to check it out….

    1. All good, dear Jana. Bees in Honey is 250 pages now that I combined two smaller books and revised much of my work,
      so be sure you’re looking at the right edition. Smiles …Wish I could offer it for free. Really.

    1. I’m pleased to read such gracious and appreciated words. I’m in a temporary health dilemma. Must write more poetry, for that is a restorative for me. I keep my flash drive in an empty medicine bottle. Smiles …

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