Quick Bright Things


quick bright things
traverse thought
from outside in
to inside out

revealing implication
like apples ready … dropped
and gravity implied

they slip receptive
to our mind from
this is that to …
perhaps  … that is this

like rainbow shades
from sunshine rain
that prismed thought
so then was found … eventually
a frequency in starlight

yes, we think quick bright
from outside in and inside out
now … then … this … that

life is a quick bright thing
think this world
to the next


Bonnie Marshall

Artwork: Anonymous
“Flammarion” 1888

16 thoughts on “Quick Bright Things

    1. Very pleased you read it aloud, Sharon. I used to voice my poetry … I think I miss providing this, yet it’s better if readers access this other dimension on their own. Smiles …

  1. You use words so smartly (is that a word? you’d probably know.) I’m in awe every time I read your work. Your ability to tell a story in so little words. Well done, Bonnie.

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