Even Vinegar and Rust



we seek for the authentic

even vinegar and rust

to wholly nourish us

full strength and in the moment

we seek lyrics for our thought

nouns of amethyst and pearl, and

adjectives of stained glass windows, and

verbs to sting like honey dripping bees

we sip euphony from skylarks

savor cadence clarity

tongue their syllables of pulse

oh … we crave a braver music

to fill our marrow bones


Bonnie Marshall

Artist: Ilka Gedo




Dear Readers, Amazon.com now carries a paperback edition of  Chance and Timing: Poetry in which I include the above “Even Vinegar and Rust.”  Should you buy this my second book of poetry, please tell me so I may thank you.  Even if not,  know I greatly appreciate my readers and value their comments and especially their “likes.”


12 thoughts on “Even Vinegar and Rust

    1. Exclamation point, Jana, for “bone broth” is poetry, and I hope if you’ve not already written such a poem, you will consider it. So powerful. And Emerson you think … transcendentalists got their hooks into me my junior year of high school. Never, thankfully, let me go. Smiles, dear distant friend.

    1. Grateful thank you, Andrew! They’ve each a separate identity for themes. Hope you like it. This one has extra pages at the end on purpose. Probably not my best idea, and I’ll ditch them at some time for subsequent printings. Go ahead and use them for shopping lists. Smile.

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