Crayola Pathways


She felt strange perceptions
when she touched old crayons
from her childhood.
Lettering…strong and bright
on the battered box…
crossed sensations
in a most unusual way.

A 6 emerged timberwolf gray,
and 4 was antique brass.
The C flipped greasy salmon pink,
while R throbbed auro metal saurus.
A spun electric blue in circles,
and bitter Y stretched inchworm green.
O smoked acrid burnt sienna,
while N dripped arsenic black.
Then S slid hissing into silver.

She blinked her eyes.
The crossed sensations faded.
It could mean migraine onset …
hereditary in her family…
or imagination tricked
back to remembered pathways.

Bonnie Marshall

4 thoughts on “Crayola Pathways

  1. This is beautiful. I love the idea of synesthesia…you’ve taken it a step further. And which of us doesn’t remember the delicious anticipation of a fresh box of 64 Crayolas…

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