Its Sudden Presence

Its Sudden Presence

She saw first its gold-flashed eyes
on-off…on-off…there before her
its mottled brownness grounded
where two spruces intertwined.
Its sudden presence shifted 
in-out…in-out…of place
for when it blinked  it disappeared…
instants of camouflage
She matched its stillness…
two arrested beings
in wilderness surround.
It hissed…arched owlet wings.
“Be on about your destiny
and then leave mine to me.”
Later, beside her campfire
she considered the occurrence…
the hissing and arched wings…
and her interpretation 
of its fear and its defiance
while owls hooted in the pines 
and wolves howled on the ridges
fulfilling destiny.
Bonnie Marshall

10 thoughts on “Its Sudden Presence

  1. A beautifully evocative poem, Bonnie. Thank you. Every fall I look forward to the return of a bard owl who settles himself in trees somewhere near my house and hoots away through winter nights.

      1. Indeed… made more mystical by the n number of wizardry fictions featuring them 😉

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