she’s lost her balance

She balances his love
a curious attention
as if it were commodity
to equate on a scale…

she scientific measures
annoyance in his voice
and calibrates declension
at corners of his mouth…

trips mental thermostats
for coolness in his manner
marks chill in attitude,
or stillness in his mood…

takes daily passion readings
as if it were diabetic,
adjusts her love drip insulin
to sweetness or to sour…

notes pro and con
in two uneven lengths
that some place in her brain
charts equilibrium,
yet nowhere in the notice
heeds her instability.


Bonnie Marshall

Art by Jan Vermeer

16 thoughts on “she’s lost her balance

  1. This is another brilliant piece. I have been in that relationship. Weighed, measured, and found wanting, when the one doing the measuring ignores her own tottering inaccuracy.

  2. One of your more provocative poems, Bonnie. It’s interesting to consider what may have ‘conditioned’ this person into adopting this ‘obsessive’ measuring. …and so many good lines to chose from here.

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