private exit

Artist: Sir Edward Burne Jones

private exit
he searched for a self
with incremental care
through incremental years…

he’d filled in Johari windows
with peer counselors at Big Sur…
drank peyote blossom tea
in a tipi with a shaman…
sought nirvana in a sweat lodge
on a high Montana range…
floated sensory deprived
in a tank in Berkeley’s hills…
clicked into chat rooms
to be with kindred souls…
entered testing mazes
to find the person
he thought he should be…
Kuder Preference – scientist
Myers-Briggs –  I N T J
Enneagram – Type 5 Wing 4
prescribed his life precisely
with self-fulfilling prophecy

until he found that self
within a labyrinth
with no private exit
from incremental walls

Bonnie Marshall

6 thoughts on “private exit

  1. and after leaving the tipi, slightly high on the blossom tea, did he still need an exit…?
    Actually, I liked the poem… somewhat humorous, I’d say.

  2. Reading this poem and Unintended Consequences again, I’m thinking of “The Fall” by Albert Camus. Do you know it? It is about canals, circumferences, reflexions and of course the fall which breaks that all. I read it a long time ago, maybe the best moment to read it again. Have a nice day.

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